Aircraft Painting

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Paint on your aircraft serves many purposes. It is an outward expression of you or your business. It communicates to observers. The appearance can be inspiring, stimulating, motivating, or informing. Often taken for granted, paint is also critical protection for the airframe exterior from the harsh elements of the environment on the ground and aloft.

At Airparts Aviation Paint Services we provide complete renovation from existing paint to new paint coatings and scheme design improving aircraft exterior appearance and protection.

The painting hangar is fitted with a specially designed extraction system that promotes airflow and significantly reduces environmental contamination. The collected air is treated to remove paint particles and volatile gases via high quality, carbon impregnated filters. Additionally, effluents from the painting process are carefully disposed as per prescribed environmental laws to avoid any form of air and ground contamination.

Airparts has the right people as well as the expertise to provide innovative and flexible livery solutions that fulfil customer requirements. In fact, our teams, with their keen eye for detail are capable of bringing any visual idea or concept to life, transforming assets quite literally, into works of art. We use the latest advanced application techniques together with environmental-friendly livery materials to achieve perfection. Our processes are so exhaustive that even during the painting process, our technical teams carefully examine all parts for likely damages, corrosion as well as cracks in order to give you a first-class output!

As part of continuous improvement, we are happy to customize our processes not just to create new and innovative painting methodologies, but to also help meet aggressive turnaround times (TATs) in line with our customers’ business needs.

Additional Services

  • Graphic concept and design preview using digital solutions (for bespoke projects)
  • Dust free painting booth for specialized parts and components
  • Interiors and Cabin refurbishment painting
  • Livery neutralization for redelivery projects
  • Chemical and mechanical stripping or sanding
  • Surface inspection, pre-treatment and primer application
  • Decal printing, painting and application
  • Flight control painting
  • Undertaking complex livery and paint work including airbrushed/ hand-painted images
  • Exterior livery painting using Topcoat / Base coat / Clear coat system
  • Sealant application
  • Technical aircraft markings